Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where I Live: A Story of Seasons

Thought I would tell you about where I live using the seasons. The weather and surroundings change here in New England each season, same as you find in Iowa.


It's winter here now so I am starting with that. Our winter brings cold temperatures and usually lots of snow. This winter we have already had several school closings, school delays, and early release days related to snow and ice. Here are some pictures from a recent snow storm. 

I took this one from inside the house because it was too cold to go out, so the picture might look blurred. It is of the horse barn next to the house.


Summer is a fun time because those of us in New England get to do a lot of things outside. Going to the beach is popular. Connecticut, the state, where I live is on the shore, and we have the Atlantic Ocean. At one time, Connecticut was the whaling capital of the world, but that is no longer the case. People still go whale watching, but they usually go to Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, or up to Maine, to see whales. Connecticut used to also be famous for lobster fishing, but now most of the lobster we eat comes from Maine. Maine is famous for lobster, and lobster from Maine is shipped all over the world. It is best to eat lobster when it is fresh off the boat, so I am lucky to live near where the lobster fishing occurs.

We also go to pools in the summer. This is a picture of my nephew Jack showing off, as he dives off the board at our local swimming pool.


People come from all over the world to visit New England in the fall. We are famous for our fall foliage. I am including some pictures I took of the foliage right near where I live.

I took this photo while walking along a ridge near where I live. You can see there are farmlands below.

This is a shot near a reservoir. This reservoir supplies water to many surrounding towns.

There are lots of brooks around.


We look for the first signs of spring when the bulbs start to pop up. These photos are of bulbs shooting up in my front yard. They certainly are more colorful than the white snow we see in the winter.

Now Your Turn:

  • What are the seasons like where you live? 
  • Do you have special activities that you like to do in each season? 

  • It has been a snowy winter, and I was wondering how students in your state have reacted to all the storms? Do you get as much snow as we do? 

  • What do your spring and summer seasons look like? 
  • Are your summers very hot? Do you have favorite summer activities? 

  • What is your favorite season?

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