Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What Do You Like to Read?

Because I teach teachers, I thought you could help me. I am interested in what recommendations you would have for books that students would enjoy.

I am also sharing with you two presentations that students in my classes did about books.

The first one is about Young Adult Literature. It was produced on an iPhone using the iMovie app. The student collected the images, wrote the script, and had her husband narrate the video. Do you agree with her that Young Adult Literature should be read more often? Have you read any of the books she mentions?

Young Adult Literature

This second video was produced by a school librarian. She made it to use on Parents Nights to convince parents that graphic novels are valuable literature. To access the presentation and to watch it from the Animoto site, click on the image below. After you watch her presentation, consider if you agree with her that graphic novels are valuable literature.

Graphic Novels

The Benefits of Graphic Novels

So, now I am hoping you can help me make recommendations to teachers about what books you think their students should be reading and at what grade level. Many thanks for posting replies. 


  1. I personally like to read realistic fiction books. I like to read books about survival, and hard times back in the olden days. I like to read about stuff that would really happen and not stuff that isn't real. I hope that my opinion has helped you.

  2. I enjoy reading science fiction and mystery books. My favorite trilogy of all time would be the Hunger Games. I recommend all three of those books. I also like the Sherlock Holmes series, I recommend those as well.

  3. I love to read a lot! I started reading a lot when I was in 7th grade. When did you starts?

  4. I like to read realistic-fiction and science-fiction. My favorite kinds of books are where there is a person living in a different kind of government system that isn't like ours, like The Hunger Games, and Delirium, where the characters have to fight for survival. What are your favorite kinds of books?

  5. I enjoy reading realistic fiction books. I like romantic and nail biting trilogies that keep me hanging on to the book. Right now I am reading Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. The reading level should be with the grade. What book are you reading now?

  6. I enjoy reading action or sports novels just because they keep me interested through the whole book. Right now my favorite book is either Payback Time by Carl Deuker or Boot Camp by Todd Strasser. What books do you enjoy reading?