Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcome Post: A Little Bit About Me and How I Got to Know about Your Class

I  am so happy to meet you online. I created this blog so the students in your class have an opportunity to read a teacher's blog and write responses.

As you will learn from my posts, I live in Connecticut, which is in the northeast part of the United States. It is a small state, and you might not know much about Connecticut.

On the other hand, I hope to learn about Iowa from you. I once stayed in Iowa, but it was only for a few days and a long time ago, so I don't remember much other than seeing lots of farms.

I used to teach English to students in grades 7 through 12. I now teach in a college in Connecticut, The University of Saint Joseph. I teach different courses, but I know your teacher, Mr. Boylen, because students in my graduate education courses, who are teachers, have been blogging back and forth with students in Mr. Boylen's classes. They read the students' posts and write replies.

Mr. Boylen and I decided it would be fun for me to keep a blog and for you to read it and write replies. But I need your help, so want to know what kinds of topics interest you. I am hoping you leave a reply.

For now, I am including a picture of the University where I teach and some pictures from one of the classroom where I teach.

This is one of the main buildings on the University campus. We have about another 15 buildings, including dorms where students live and a big athletic center, and lots of playing fields.

Here are students in my one of my classes composing their first blog posts.

Here is a close up of one of the students working on finding pictures to put in one of her blog posts.

If you want me to post more pictures of the students at work or my university campus, just let me know. I posted just these few so you can picture where I teach.

Most of all, let me know what topics you think it would be good for me to blog about that would be of interest to students in your class.

Great meeting. Look forward to your replies.


  1. Judy,
    I want to say think you so much for putting together this blog and for offering to share and interact with my students. Collaborating with you and your students has been great. I am sure this latest effort will be awesome too. Thanks.

  2. Judy,
    I really love your pictures that u put on there and your different comments on the pictures. The first picture, the snow one, was my favorite. It is first very pretty, and their is so much so this winter. I can't wait for summer! Thank you for this blog we enjoy looking at it!

  3. Judy,
    I really love how you did this just for us. It must have took you awhile, and
    I appreciate that. I love the fall up there it look beautiful. It suck that you get lots of snow though. We love this blog thank you very much.
    -Sincerely Caleb

  4. Judy,
    Thank you for making this blog just for our class! It really shows how much you care about education! It makes me feel special thinking that you care about our education even though you have never met us! I thought the picture of the stream during fall was beautiful! We highly appreciate this blog!

  5. Judy,
    Thanks so much for showing me this blog. I love how much effort you put into this. Even though I have never even met you I can tell by reading you blog you care a lot about education.I can also tell you like sports. I love to watch a lot of sports and play them as well.One day I hope to run in a marathon! but anyways I appreciate this blog a lot and thank you!
    -Sincerely Jordan