Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's Your Favorite Tech?

One of your classmates posted a reply on this blog about how schools should be using more technology. Basically, this is what he wrote:

"I would make school more interesting. I would put more technology into it."

Thus, I am wondering what some of your suggestions are.

Here are some questions I have:

  • What technology tools do you think schools should have? 
  • Should schools give each student a computer, be it a laptop, tablet, iPad, Chromebook?
  • Should schools allow students to bring their own digital devices to school? If so, what about those students who don't have a digital device?
  • Should schools allow cell phones in school? Why or why not?
  • What kinds of digital tools do you think students should be using, such as blogging, creating videos, or using specific apps that you can recommend?
  • At your school, what technology are you using in your classes that students enjoy?
  • What benefits do you see to using technology tools in school or at home to create projects for school?

Your voice counts, so please share your thoughts. Thanks.


  1. I personally think all schools should have One to One laptops, and a production room (with a green screen & HD Camera). Students would be able to create their own movies, and even make projects look more professional overall.
    If schools had a One to One program, I believe it should be a Macbook, as Chromebooks are limited on what they actually can do.
    I do not believe students should be able to bring their own devices to school, as it would cause more distraction, if its their own. Also, if a student is "disciplined" they might believe they don't need to give it up. Schools should not allow cellphone use during school as it is a distraction to themselves, and everyone around them.
    I would recommend using the following, iMovie, Prezi, Glogster, TinkerCad, the Kidblog app for iOS, for projects. At my school, I wish we had more technology available in every class, because I feel more engaged, but I use our MacBook Airs, and the very, very, very old eMacs we have. Also, we recently got a tiny production room, but it needs more improvement. As I had said before, it personally makes me feel more engaged, but not everyone is as responsible compared to others when it comes to technology in the class room.
    If you have the time, please look at my blog,

  2. I think schools should have computers/laptops. I am not sure if iPads and tablets are necessary. They would just be a privilege. I don't think most students would take care of them well enough. Schools should just give students laptops (not Chromebooks because they can't do as much as other laptops.) because they are portable and easier to take care of than an iPad or tablet. I have an iPad and I think for school, laptops are much more appropriate. iPads may seem "cooler" but laptops are much more convenient.
    I believe schools should allow students to bring their own devices to school, as long as they don't misuse this privilege. If they are misusing their devices they should have them taken away. Students without electronic devices could use the laptops the schools provide. Schools should not allow cellphones though. They are used more for communicating instead of research. Students would not be able to handle the urge not to text their friends or play games.
    Some digital tools I would recommend to students would be Google programs, pages, iMovie, and other presentation apps. At my school we have apple computers, and in ninth grade you can take them home with you. We have desktop computers in the library and two computer labs. Students enjoy using the laptops more. There are many, many benefits about using technology tools in school and at home to create projects for school. You can save your projects and share them. You don't have to carry around poster boards and papers for you r projects. It is easier to present your projects in a slideshow format, and using technology makes things look much more neat. Hope this answered some of your questions.

  3. Hi, I am happy to be a voice. I think that school should (if they haven't already) include lots of technology in their teaching. The new generation gets really bored just reading out of the textbook or copying notes. Technology is a way to have fun, but also to learn. I think that schools should give their students laptops, but there always has to be a catch. There is always going to be the immature kids who don't use the appliance correctly. Therefore the school should only give the laptops to high school students and if they feel that the eight grade is mature enough. Which each school the teachers can decide what websites that students can go on and what not to go on. I always here the excuse on a technology project, "I don't have a computer!" or "My computer doesn't have that application!". If the students had a laptop this wouldn't be a problem. Now we would be able to do projects at home, and not cram all of our time at school and do a poor job.
    I really don't see the point in letting students have a cell phone because yet there are some responsible ones, there is always going to be irresponsible ones like I said. Hope this helped!
    Check out my blog at :)

  4. I think schools laptops/computers. Tablets and IPads I don't think are necessary. Schools should include technology in their teaching. While learning and doing projects online is not as boring as reading out of textbook. I think school should give their students laptops, but some students will be immature and won't use it for what we would have it for. I think students in middle school and elementary shouldn't have their own laptops but high school students should.
    I think students shouldn't be able to bring their own cell phones. They are mainly used for socializing and communicating rather than researching. There are many downfalls to letting students have their own laptops. There are also many advantages in letting students have one. They wouldn't complain about not getting there homework done that was assigned online, and there wouldn't be any complaints saying that they don't have any laptops at home to finish there work.
    All students are different, some are responsible and others are not. I hope this helped!

  5. I believe that all high school and middle schoolers should have one on one laptops. I find myself often needing a computer, and there is nothing to use. I believe that laptops are the most helpful kind of technology. I don't believe that ipad or any other hand held device should be used. I think that there is more messing around that anything on those devices. Everyone knows that if you have your own laptop, you will mess around. I think that the new technology in schools needs to happen, because every day we are getting more and more technology.

  6. I believe that high schoolers should have their own laptops. Middle schoolers such as the 8th grade should also have one. I think they are responsible enough to have one. I sometimes need a laptop for work when I can't get to one. Technology will be the future of our generation I think. Other devices will probably cause more trouble than having a laptop.

  7. At our school, you get your own laptop when you're in high school. I think that middle school students should have the opportunity to have them, but maybe just eighth grade and seventh and eighth grade. We use quite a bit of technology at school, but it would be easier if we all just had our own laptops, so then if you don't have a computer or anything to use at home you would have one. It would be nice for schools to allow us to use our phones and have them, but it would probably cause a lot of trouble and not everybody has a smartphone, or a phone at all. I think that if the school let us use our own devices such as laptops, phones, iPods, or tablets that it would be easier because we could save everything on it, and with the school computers if you save something on them you always have the risk of somebody else using the same computer and messing with your stuff. For the students who don't have their own devices, they could just use the laptops provided by the school, but they wouldn't be able to bring them home most likely. It's good to use technology at school, because when you're older and you have a job you'll probably be expected to know how to do things with it, and they can just teach us it at school which makes it a lot easier.

  8. I think that we should have better technology in our school because ours is really old. Also I use my Ipod and I also have a Kindle Fire that I rarely use.

  9. I think that schools should have laptops. The reason the should is because than they could work on programs that your computer at home doesn't have. I don't think that digital devices should be allowed in school because most of them would play games and not work. I don't think cell phones should be allowed because if other people have their phones with them, they would be texting while the teacher is talking and they would not know what to do. I do think however that they should allow devices like kindles so you can just read on them.

  10. I think all students, at one point should get a laptop, etc. I think it would be a lot easier to have our own laptop, like the high schoolers, we use technology a lot here in eighth grade, it would also be a lot easier to get our homework actually done. I think its really ridiculous how like little 4th and 5th graders have iPads, because they are not responsible at all, and most of them crack the screens, and it rages me because I'm pretty sure us eighth graders would be a lot more responsible.

    I think we should also be able to use our phones, but not to an extent where you're on it the whole day, because we do need to listen and get an education.

  11. Our School has it when you get into high school you get a laptop. I think that it would be nice if we got it in 8th grade to, but I see why we don't. Their are lots of irresponsible kids here and I wish that they would just straighten up so we could deserve them. I also think that we should be able to bring our own stuff to school, becasue normally the stuff has a password so nobody else could get into it or delete it. I also think we should bring our own, so if you some how got broke, it would be all on them to pay the price.
    I also have to say that Ipads are not, in my opinion, a good thing to get students because they are hard to type on and are thinner and easier to brake.

  12. I think our school should have computers for the high school students, which they do right now. Personally I think the middle school students are not mature enough to have their own school computer to take home use whenever they want.
    Schools should not allow phones in school because students wouldn't pay attention in class because they are on Facebook or texting people constantly.
    I think students should be able to use any online worksites or tools as long as they are appropriate for school.
    We are currently using computers in class to work on homework and to blog with other students.
    To me using technology makes school a lot easier.

  13. I do think that using technology in schools is a good idea for many reasons. Technology is expanding at a fast rate, and it is a part of almost everybody's lives. I think using it in school can help students adapt to it and learn to use it properly, as they will probably have to use it later in life. Technology should also be used because of how helpful it is. Almost any information you desire to know can be accessed in a matter of seconds, where as using a library to learn can take a long time. The amount of convenience granted through technology is terrific, and schools should tap into that. But keep in mind - although schools should use technology in the classroom, they shouldn't just use tech. They should keep up with the more "classic" methods of doing things as well.

  14. I think schools should have a laptop for every student to use all day and for use throughout the school year. We use laptops a lot in the eighth grade and its really hard to work on our homework when we don't know if we will be able to use a laptop that class period. I personally like to use my iPad to read and it would be great to have the privilege to read off of it at school. For those that don't have an iPad or a Kindle their isn't much you can do.
    Should schools allow cell phones in school? Why or why not?
    I think that schools should let students have them at lunch and things like that but not during class, because it's hard to concentrate when people are looking at a shining screen.We get more experience with this technology and it will help us in the long run knowing how to use it all. It's nice to have so many tools for so many different projects.

  15. Student should get ipads because they are faster,easily accessible, and have more stuff on them. Each student should get their own device so that they can have content on their that others will not erase, and if someone losses it it's their responsibility not yours. The major benefits of each student getting an ipad it will further your education technology wise and also allow you to get access websites like lumosity to train your brain.

  16. Judy
    Thank you for your comment on our students class page in New Zealand. We are really appreciative of any feedback we receive for ourselves and others and the fact that you took the time to leave two comments was wonderful. We are looking (always) for classes, students and others to collaborate with so if you are interested in doing something with students or a school the other side of the world, please let us know.

    The technology that we have is that we have 200 students. We made the decision two years ago to move to an Apple School with Apple Based products. As a result of that we have 160 Apple devices and two hundred students. Ideally we'd love to have all students with a device (in our cases Ipads or Air Books) and are hoping to move that way next year. We are very much of the mindset that our rural school, which is one hours drive and 100km away from the nearest major town should have global citizens whose work and interaction should be with the world.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.


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