Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So You'Ve Heard of the Kid President, But Do You Know the Real Story About Him?

In case you don't, be sure to watch the video in full. Maybe, you want to watch it with your whole class and discuss. Not to spoil the surprise, I won't say more, but please leave comments after you watch the video to let me know what you think. Thanks.


  1. This kid is so inspiring! I have seen his video before and it just made my day. I never knew that he had that disease. He is so energetic and so kind!

  2. This kid must of went through a lot of pain and to be so happy at the same time amazing and stong.

  3. I never knew that kid president had this problem. I think that kid president is very strong. He has to be strong and is very strong. I find this kid hilarious and think he is one of the coolest kids ever!

  4. He is such an inspiration! He has been through so much and he still is so positive. I wish I could be like that! He is so funny! He made my day better!

  5. I want to meet this cool kid. I want to hear what he has to say about me. I wish I was like that.

    1. Eric, all you need to do is decide you are going to be your own person and to be kind and thoughtful toward others. Then you will be very like Kid President. Oh, and don't forget to dance (enjoy yourself) once in a while and share your joy with others.
      You can be the kind of person you decide to be with action.